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Le Sanly Beauty Company

Le Sanly Beauty, USA has been developing and creating professional beauty products for more than two decades. It has emerged as a leading beauty product company with a distinct oriental flair to compete with the famous western brands. Le Sanly Beauty has been located in Downtown Lisle for around 20 years. It has a strong customer base and high awareness.

From research, development, and production to sales and services, it has maintained the highest technical efficacy and quality control. The unique attributes of Le Sanly Beauty products that separate themselves from their competition are as followed:

1. Research and development is based on scientific and medical principles, the most notable example of which is the use of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), a Nobel Prize winning research product.

2. Botanical antibacterial ingredients are used to restore abnormal skin cells before nutritional elements are applied. This minimizes allergic reactions while increasing the effectiveness of the nutrients.

3. Using nano technology, we achieve direct skin absorption of our purely herbal ingredients to attain critical hormonal levels naturally.

In 2015, with the success of the Youth Rejuvenation Line, Le Sanly Beauty Inc worked further with a team of dedicated USA biochemists. A new line of products came to be; combining the benefits of herbal and molecular cosmeceutical discovery to further boost the unimaginable total Repair, Revival and Protection of the skin!

The Angel Grace line features the latest natural cell renewal theorem, allowing the skin to be repaired at the cellular level. Due to absorption of smog in polluted environments with poor air quality, the skin is severely damaged, showing discoloration, spots, sensitivity, rash, sagging and lines. The Angel Grace line of products will repair, revive and protect the skin to reveal a confident you!

Angel Grace first works on detoxification based in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to remove toxins by clearing the Qi (TCM meridian theorem). The repair level of the detoxified skin is then boosted by means of nutrients delivered directly to the cells. This technology is used to reinforce by weaving a protective shield to maintain healthy skin. Clients are gushing at their new Angel Grace products with praise!

Le Sanly Beauty Inc has developed from a small studio to an international professional organization. The company’s dedication to its clients' well being has earned many affirming testimonies and patronage. You are cordially invited to see the safe and effective high tech products for yourself. Come and join Le Sanly Beauty Inc's growing family of sales and franchises. Together with you, Le Sanly Beauty Inc will help millions to regain their youthful appearance.








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