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Chicago Beauty Review by Ann Brown


Sanly Beauty Studio is located in a quaint downtown section of Lisle, just minutes off I-88. Tucked back in an unassuming second floor walk-up on Main Street, Sanly Beauty is anything but ordinary when it comes to service and results. A well-kept secret amongst the local Chinese community, Sanly Beauty's expert Asian skin care offerings and top-notch products are no longer under wraps.

Upon entering, I was greeted by esthetician Sanly Li, the woman behind the skin-saving services at Sanly Beauty Studio. Deep plum walls, antique artwork and bamboo accents fill the space, while a large glass cabinet showcases Sanly Beauty's signature product line.

Li and her husband operate Sanly Beauty as a team, and they shared with me their philosophy of total body health and beauty. Blending ancient Chinese herbal medicine with Western technology, this dynamic duo helps clients achieve total skin rejuvenation, look younger and lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Li began her esthetic practice in Hong Kong, where she became well versed in Asian traditions and beauty customs. She then headed stateside to San Francisco, becoming an expert in Western beauty and health trends. As Li refined her knowledge and skills, she developed unique skin care techniques that are now exclusive to Sanly Beauty Studio.
Technique aside, Sanly Beauty's clients benefit from an exclusive product line developed by Li's husband. The Sanly L product line contains no chemicals or additives and calls upon herbal ingredients that have been used for centuries. Each product is formulated to heal skin cells and restore balance internally and externally, thanks to botanicals such as green tea extract, bearberry, Gingko, Vitamin C and Chinese rose grape.

Eager to begin my services, Li escorted me to a lavender treatment room for my scheduled facial, the Youth Rejuvenation Treatment. After a brief analysis, Li diagnosed my problem areas with uncanny accuracy. I needed to improve my diet (the single gal's main stay of mac and cheese apparently wasn't cutting it), drink less alcohol (girls' night out last night was a bit overindulgent), and clear my sinuses (those darn seasonal allergies). From drinking more water and tea to eating more fish, Li counseled me on how I could refine my skin from the inside out.

The Youth Rejuvenation Facial is a five-step procedure that honors the skin's cell structure, combining ultrasonic therapy with Chinese herbal products in an East-meets-West specialty. Li began by cleansing and toning my skin using the Sanly L Botanical Facial Cleansing Foam and Whitening Anti-Oxidizing Essence. Next, she passed the Ultrasound wand over my face several times at different frequencies in order to release toxins from my pores. After each pass, she showed me the dirt and grime released. She followed this with a sweet-smelling GOPC Mask, containing three different varieties of grapes. The mask is designed to reduce fine lines and restore skin to a supple state all the while moisturizing tired, dry skin.

While the mask dried, I was treated to a 16-point acupressure treatment to restore, relax and nourish my body and soul. This ultra-intense treatment on the feet, ankles and legs, uses acupressure to rejuvenate the entire body. Acupressure draws upon Eastern methods that date back over 5,000 years, and often took the place of traditional medicine. Li believes that this is the most effective tool in treating health concerns from the common cold to more serious afflictions. As Li massaged each pressure point, she explained what corresponding area of my body it was affecting. My treatment over, the mask was removed. Li applied a layer of sunscreen and Youth Revitalizing Cream. Looking in the mirror, supple and plump skin stared back at me. But, the results didn't stop at the end of my visit. The next morning I was greeted by a glowing complexion and for the first time in years, I left the house with just a coat of mascara and a slick of gloss, Thanks to Li's, infectious views on alternative skin and her passion for using natural products, I gained some much-needed perspective on caring for my newly-fabulous skin.











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