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A Hidden Gem: Out-of-this-World Spa Treatment in Your Neighborhood

Walking into Sanly Beauty Studio is like discovering a hidden gem in the heart of Lisle.

As I open the glass door, a tinkling bell signals my arrival, and I am warmly greeted by the receptionist. She offers me a seat and, aware that this is my first visit, guides me through the list of professional spa treatments and services on offer. After I provide some information in response to her questions, she proposes a customized package of services based on my needs and wishes. I am immediately pleased.

I wait only a few minutes for my therapist to come and escort me into the studio for a facial. Some of Sanly’s regular clients come for their appointments, walk straight to the changing room, and emerge wearing an attractive pink knee-length sarong. I notice two women in their 30s in the first stages of their facials. Both are lying comfortably on “facial beds” that look like amply padded treatment tables. One client has had a light grape-colored translucent mask applied and is now enjoying a shoulder treatment from her therapist. Poised above the other woman is a facial steamer, which, my therapist explains, provides beneficial exfoliating effects. I overhear the therapists and their clients lightly chatting before the women are advised not to frown or laugh once their skin masks are applied.

Later I find out that Jean, one of the women receiving a facial, is a teacher who is celebrating her 33rd birthday. She and the friend accompanying her might have chosen a different way to celebrate — after all, Lisle is full of shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants. But for these women there was never any question: The best destination for a special birthday treat is Sanly Beauty Studio.

Over the last decade Sanly Beauty Studio has experienced a business boom, becoming the spa and beauty studio of choice for many residents of Lisle and the surrounding suburbs as well as for clients who come from places far and wide. Along with Sanly’s signature Youth Rejuvenation Facial and other novelty beauty treatments, longtime Sanly clients will always name three reasons they keep coming back: the combination of diverse services offered on a “one-stop” basis, the impeccably professional customer service provided, and the unique “signature” treatments available exclusively at Sanly.

One-stop service
Sanly Beauty Studio offers body waxing, bridal services, and weight-loss programs in addition to spa treatments for the face, eyes, neck, hands, and feet. Two doors down the corridor from the studio is Bex Hair Salon, offering professional hair services to Sanly clients. All studio services combine the cutting-edge health and beauty practices of the West with methods that are authentically Asian in origin. The aim is to place body and mind into holistic balance.

Sanly’s unique blend of East and West attracts clients from far beyond the Chicago area. On a recent evening, Jenna, 53, drove in from Indiana with a group of friends. “There are very few Asian spa and beauty studios in Indiana,” said Jenna. “One reason we come here is the opportunity to get the best Asian spa and beauty treatment in the most comfortable environment possible. It feels so homey here.” 

Outstanding customer service
The studio is an alluring and comfortable space, no doubt; but high-quality customer service is the key to client loyalty. Sanly’s therapists strike me as genuinely caring professionals, and the special attention they offer keeps clients coming back. The owner personally trains the therapists she hires to ensure that their techniques remain totally true to Sanly’s signature tradition. Until recently, Sanly has not relied on any commercial advertising; the studio’s satisfied clients spread the word, and the studio has been thriving for more than a decade. “Once you show your customers that you can meet their needs, they will come back. People go where they are appreciated.” said Grace, a longtime client.

Sanly’s signature beauty treatment
Sanly’s most popular service is the Youth Rejuvenation Facial. Underlying the design of this facial is what Sanly calls the Youth Rejuvenation System. The five-step system follows the growth and metabolism of the skin’s cell structure and is partly based on concepts and techniques taken from Chinese-medicine. Sanly also offers a 16-point acupressure treatment to restore, relax, and nourish the skin and body. Sanly’s own line of signature products, made from carefully selected Chinese herbal and botanical extracts, augment the healing and soothing results that clients say they enjoy and that keep them coming back to Sanly.

More information about Sanly Beauty Studio is available at www.sanlybeauty.com, or call 630-824-0239 for an appointment or free consultation.











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