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Story of a Successful Immigrant

She may be petite in stature, but the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Sanly, founder of Le Sanly Beauty, USA, is no less than giantlike.

Since coming to the United States from her native China in 1989, Sanly has devoted herself and her life’s work to a unique mission: Introducing other women to the centuries-old health and beauty practices that have long enabled women in China to achieve and maintain beautiful, young-looking skin. From her father and grandfather — both successful Chinese medical practitioners — Sanly had gained an early introduction to the benefits of Chinese medicine and was, by the time she came to the United States, skilled in the healthful uses of more than 100 types of herbs. Now, after 16 years of hard work and dedication, her career successes — a thriving company, two salons in North America and one in Hong Kong, and a successful line of skincare products — are enviable. But for Sanly, even more rewarding and impressive are the results her clients see.

Sanly’s first clients were the women who came to the salon she opened in San Mateo, California, in 1994. The salon’s success was hard won: A few years earlier, to gain certification as an advanced beautician, Sanly had returned to school for further training in the art and business of beauty. And as the salon’s clientele grew, Sanly routinely worked 10-hour days six days a week, often single-handedly, while also raising her son. Not only did she learn to master her trade, she was laying the foundation for grander enterprises to come.

Attracted by its Midwestern charms and the fine reputation of its schools, Sanly relocated to Lisle, Illinois, in 1997 and opened a salon. That same year, she founded her own company, Le Sanly Beauty, USA, and became its vice president. A line of innovative professional grade skincare products— including Sanly’s unique Youth Rejuvenation System — was launched, to great acclaim both nationally and internationally. Ten years on, Sanly salon in Lisle has thrived: Having grown in size from 200 to 2,500 square feet, the salon-spa now has three private rooms, two reflexology stations, three individual facial beds, and, with a staff of five beauty technicians, serves some 1,200 regular clients a year, including many from outside the Midwest.

Hard work and perseverance figure prominently in Sanly’s success story, but the products and services that bear her name are also key. All have been developed to provide the benefits of traditional Chinese beauty practices as well as those of modern beauty science. (The Youth Rejuvenation facial, for example, combines the use of ultrasound with oriental herbal based products and therapy.)

Sanly’s two decades of professional success have not gone unnoticed by her peers in the field. She has held the coveted title of vice chair of the World Beauty and Health Association and is an executive member of the Hong Kong Beauty Association.

For Sanly, the most personally gratifying success is the kind that benefits others. She will always take great pleasure and pride in the testimonials of the women who praise her services and products. Many clients say that no other brand comes close to producing results as dramatic. As Sanly herself says, “The way we maintain customer loyalty is by continuing to raise the quality of everything we produce and providing the value-added services that make us unique.”










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