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About Sanly Li

In 1990, Sanly, a petite Chinese woman came to the United States of America with a dream: to help women discover how to stave off the effects of aging and preserve the look of flawless, beautiful skin. Sanly brought with her a true belief in the benefits of using the traditional beauty secrets practiced by women in China for thousands of years. Sanly was determined to share these techniques, which were rooted in the proven benefits of traditional Chinese medicine, with women who needed her help. 

Since obtaining her Certification as an Advanced Beautician in California, Sanly has accumulated over 20 years of professional success, capitalizing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry of aesthetic beauty.

In 1994, Sanly’s dream first took shape with the opening of Sanly Beauty Studio in San Mateo, California. Three years later, in 1997, Le Sanly Beauty, USA, Incorporated became a reality. As the Founder/Vice President of Le Sanly Beauty USA, Sanly continuously strives to innovate, engineer and create the highest quality products that maintain the integrity of the traditional Chinese beauty secrets.

Sanly still delights in the positive testimonials she received every day from her professional and consumer clientele about the extraordinary caliber of her company’s products and the dramatic results that they provide to women of all ages.  

The entire line of Le Sanly Beauty products, and the unique Youth Rejuvenation System skincare treatment system, have grown to enjoy international acclaim and recognition, rapidly expanding in spas and salons across the world.

Today, Sanly’s innovation, work and dedication has also been recognized the world over. Sanly was bestowed with the coveted titles of Vice Chairman to the World Beauty and Health Association and is esteemed as an Executive Member of the Hong Kong Beauty Association.










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