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Botanical Facial Cleansing Foam [50ml. $29]  BUY ONLINE
Natural botanical-enriched foam cleanser thoroughly dissolves dirt, oil and make-up. Botanical antibacterial properties effectively control sebum and inflammation, while balancing the skin delicate pH level. The cleanser gently unclogs pores, leaving skin feeling vibrant and radiant.
Main Ingredients: Extracts of chinese gren tea, gingko, bearberry, vitamins C & E.

Application: Morning and night, dispense a dim-sized amount (half-inch in diameter) in hands and rub with water to creat lather. Apply lather to wet face, gently massage in a circular motion. Avoid eye area. Rinse thoroughly with water. Do this process twice.

Anti-Oxidizing Balance Essence [70ml.  $59]  BUY ONLINE

Weightless serum effectively hydrates and replenishes nutrients while balancing the skin pH. Daily use will soothe minor irritation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration while protecting skin against signs of aging.

Main Ingredients: Extracts of Chinese Barley, bearberry, pearl, vitamin C.

Application: Morning and night after cleansing, one squirt into the palm, pat on with finger tips. Essence is quickly absorbed and residue free.

Youth Revive Complex [50mg.  $69] BUY ONLINE  
Multi-functional moisturizer provides hydration for the skin. Calms redness and irritation and balances the skin pH. This unique formulation of herbal extracts controls the demodex folliculorum mites associated with rosacea and helps treat acne-prone skin. Hypoallergenic and fragrance free.
Main Ingredients: Extract of aloe (USA), chinese green tea, cherry kernel (USA), bearberry, pearl, vitamin C & E, methallothionein (MT protein)

Application: Morning and night apply a small amount to face and neck after cleansing. Gently rub down into skin. Absorbs well and leaves no residue.

Pimple Removing Serum [20ml.  $49] BUY ONLINE  
Powerful botanical serum heals and inhibits bacterial growth associated with blemishes and acne. Reduces minor skin inflammation, irritation, and inspect bite discomfort by dispel “heat” from our system.
Main Ingredients: Extract of chamomile (France), honeysuckle, chinese trout lily, aloe (USA), ginkgo, pearl, coptis root, red sage root, licorice root.

Application: After cleansing, dab small amounts over the affected skin areas. Followed by Anti-Oxidizing Balance Essense and Youth Revive Complex.

Life Kinetin Serum [50mg.  $119]
Fast absorbing hypoallergenic complex used to stop aging in the body by targeting signs of hormonal imbalance. Continued used will reveal dramatic improvement in skin tone, restore suppleness, fade discoloration, and improve the immune system of the skin. Life Kinetin Serum helps delay and ease symptoms of menopause in both sexes.
Main Ingredients: Extract mexican wild yam, tibetan safflower, black cohosh, soy bean, grape seed, aloe (USA), burdock root, chamomile, yun yan huo (horny goat weed), purple mint (shiso), dong quai.

Application: Once a day after showering apply dime-size amount onto the depressed area just below the throat (adam's apple) and two inches below the belly button. A home care requirment during Youth Rejuvenation Program.

Botanical UV Protection SPF 50 Equivillant [30mg.  $49]

(SE equal to SPF 50)
Unique botanical sun protection lotion effectively blocks out UVA and UVB radiation. This extract combination of green tea, grape seed and papaya enzyme actively provides hydration and protection against premature skin aging and oxidation.

Main Ingredients: Extract of Chinese green tea, American grape seed, American cherry kernel, American papaya and American pear

Application: Apply to face and neck morning and midday under make up.

Youth Eye Revive Gel [15mg.  $59]  

Cooling eye gel improves blood circulation and revives skin cell matabolism. Regular use diminishes puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.

Main Ingredients: Extract of goldenseal, witch hazel, vitamin E.

Application: Morning and night after cleansing, apply a small amount to finger tips. Gently rub in circular motion around the entire eye area for 30 seconds.

Youth Nutrient Cream [50mg.  $79]

Hypoallergenic formulation with powerful anti-oxidants works to boost skins immune system and improves cell metabolism. Herbal extracts effectively deliver hydration to the skin.

Main Ingredients: Extract of Mexican wild yam, American grape seed, Chinese tremella mushroom, American ginseng

Application: Use at night after Balance Essence, apply dime-size to the face and neck.


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