Tina, 52, Retail Store Owner
Hello Sanly,
I am writing to you to let you know on what a wonder experience I had with your salon. I am so impressed with your facials and products that I can't stop talking about you. I have had so many compliments on my skin and looks that I want to thank you for you special services. I am 52 years old and have had injections, thermage twice, at least 12 facial peels which were all very painful and spent thousands of dollars over the  years on products that say (you can look younger), and am still waiting for the effects from using them. I cannot believe your Youth Rejuvenation System works!  Your system not only closed my deep looking pores which were cause from years of acne, but also tightened and thickened the skin as well.  It has been 6 weeks and I feel even younger today than last week. Your unique system works! I have never been so pleased on anything else that I have tried compare to what I have experienced with your anti-aging Youth Rejuvenation System and products.  What I really am impressed with is the fact that it was painless and relaxing for the best treatment that I have ever tried. I know you told me that the treatment will last for a year but I am emailing you to let you know that I can't wait for a year to feel the relaxation and enjoy how wonderful I feel afterwards. I would like an appointment to come in and receive a facial. I have been so relaxed the past 8 weeks. Thank you so much and see you soon.
Ann, Account Executive, PrettyCity.com | ChicagoBeauty.com

A Tribute to Sanly
A facial with Sanly is a mending of body, mind and spirit.
BODY...Fine lines around the eyes and face have disappeared. Neck area and upper chest have tightened.
MIND...Completely relaxed throughout the massage part of facial, knowing that I will look ten years younger upon completion of session.
SPIRIT...Totally uplifted through an enlightening experience of relaxation, rejuvenation, and pampering by Sanly's Facial.
My Sanly Experience is a fantastic Addition in My Life.

Dr. Susan Klyber, 58 large product photo

Dear Sanly,
As the years have passed, the quality of my skin has continued on a downward spiral. My face exhibited sun damage, Rosacea, outbreaks, sagging facial muscles, and thinning skin that burned easily, resulting in peeling. I underwent two chemical peels, several dermabrasion kits, Hydroderm Serum, purchased the most expensive skin treatments I could find. I even went thru a procedure called Thermage which proved short-lasting, excruciatingly painful and very expensive. But all that is over since I found your salon! My skin is firm, clear, shiny and youthful! I will be 58 years old at the end of this year and I think that more than ten years has been erased from my face. Your methods are PAINLESS, gentle and most of all, highly effective! I encourage all women of every age to follow your natural method of skin rejuvenation!


Sanly has a wonderful yam cream. I was going through the menopause and I was dying few months ago.  I started to use the yam cream. I don’t think I have as much hot flesh as before. Every month I come in for the maintenance. And then after a year, I just came in to finish the second serial of sessions. I have friends in the party and they just come up to me and say “your skin look great.”  My sister is thinking that I am having botox in my eye area.  I use the cream down to the décolleté, this area is like the eye area. I got comment from people too about my neck.


You are truly the ultimate professional in your field of beauty, skin health, and body health. Your education, years in the industry, along with your heritage have provided you with a wealth of knowledge; all enabling you to accurately approach each clients individual needs. The recently completed eight-week plan, which you designed for me, certainly delivered the results that I was anxious to achieve. I was 100% committed to following your dietary guidelines and to using your skin care program as a licensed esthetician, who in the past enjoyed a successful facial salon, I was reluctant to digress from the product line that I endorsed for many years, in order to embrace your Youth Rejuvenation products; truly “The fountain of Youth”.

Cindy, 48, Mortgage Company Owner large product photo

Dear Sanly,
Thank you so much for your Youth Rejuvenation System; everyone told me I look like a sister to my daughter.

Grace, 55, Professional Dancer large product photo

After taking the Youth Rejuvenation System skincare regime, all my friends asked if I had undergone plastic surgery. They want to know the secret behind my youthful look.

Chan Mi, 75, Monterey, California
Sanly Beauty Studio is a place I must stop by every year I go back to  Chicago.
Kimberly, Burr Ridge, Illinois
My skin looks great, at least 10 years younger. I have gotten many compliments on my skin, even from my 19 year old daughter! The Youth Rejuvenation System is really fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to look younger!
Pauline, 47, Pre-school Nurse  
I went on Bahama Cruise and most people I came into contact thought I was 32 years old, making me 15 years younger.
Sophia, 52, Doctor
My college daughter said she and her friends think I look in my early 40s.

The best Mother’s Day gift I got was my daughter introducing me to the Youth Rejuvenation System. All of my friends and relatives have complimented on how I look 10-15 years younger. From now on, I will go to Sanly Beauty Studio to enjoy my facial.


I have a heavy workload from my job, working about 80 hours or more per week. I always feel weakened and my skin feels stiff and prone to allergies. Through all the stress I go through, I still try to make it to Sanly’s place every week because when I get the Youth Rejuvenation Facial and Reflexology done, my mind feels at ease and my skin feels great.


At my age, all of peers have started to look old. Since I have started visiting Sanly, getting the Youth Rejuvenation Facial, my friends have been surprised by my change after going to parties.


I have very sensitive skin. I am allergic to many beauty products which use harmful chemicals to are painful to my skin. I was really excited when I found Sanly because all of her products use natural ingredients, which is very beneficial to my skin.


I love to travel to Las Vegas, but in such a hot, desert area, my skin always feels dry and stiff. Thanks to my friend Shirley, I was referred to Sanly. Sanly’s Youth Rejuvenation Facial and products gave me a never-before-seen change that soothed my skin when I went back to Vegas.

Lily & Daughter

At my daughter’s wedding party, people mistakenly thought I was my daughter’s sister because I looked so young. This happened because Sanly’s Youth Rejuvenation System gave me a younger look. Thank you so much, Sanly!


I have a very stressful job as a nursing director. When my good friend, Tina, came to visit me, I noticed the changed in her skin and asked her where she got her treatment. She recommended me to go to Sanly, where I got the Youth Rejuvenation System and Weight Loss treatments. When I came home to my daughters, they immediately felt I was much more beautiful, and now I even take my daughters along to Sanly’s place.


I really love getting facial and skin treatments, and throughout my life, I have been to many different beauty parlors to get treatments. I always end up going to a different salon because I always felt that they went not very effective. When my daughter referred me to Sanly, I got the Youth Rejuvenation Facial, therapy, and was treated with natural ingredient products, which I love. Now I stay at only one beauty salon, Sanly Beauty Studio.

Susan Logan

I have been a customer of Sanly’s for over 10 years now. When I go to parties, nobody can ever guess that I am actually over 50 years old because Sanly has made me look so young. Everytime my two daughters, who are in college, come back home, they always ask me to take them to Sanly’s first thing to get their skin looking good.


After taking the Youth Rejuvenation System, all my friends asked if I had undergone plastic surgery. They want to know the secret behind my youthful look



I simply can not believe how beautiful my skin looks after only 6 sessions. As a Florida native, I really believed that premature aging was normal, but the Sanly Beauty technique proved me wrong! Now, strangers compliment me on the healthy glow of my skin…and they consistently guess that I am at least 10-12 years younger than my real age! Thank you so very much Sanly!

An amazing transformation! I am very happy with the results of Sanly's Youth Rejuvenation System. Thank you so much.
Debra, 53, Retiree (School Admin)  
I wish I came here sooner!
Jeri, 63, Retiree
I am extremely happy with the Youth Rejuvenation System and would highly recommend doing it.
Chris, 53, IT Specialist  
Without Sanly, we all will look unattractive.
Yim, 43, Trading Company Owner  
From someone who actually looked older than her actual age to someone who look younger now: the result is unbelievable!
Maria, 57, Professional Hair Dresser  
The best facial treatment I have had in my life!
MinLi, 43, Computer Engineer  
My skin feel mushy before; now it is firmer and springier.
Sheila, 41, Entrepreneur  
Youth Rejuvenation System is incredible! It brings back youthfulness like no other.
XiaoQing, 39, Chemical Engineer  
After 6 sessions, I look 5 to 10 years younger! I have fairer, firmer skin and less visible pores.
Beatrice, 63, Restaurant Owner
My customers told me I look younger and prettier than I was ten years ago! This is my third year doing the Youth Rejuvenation System.
Cecelia, 43, Computer Engineer  
It makes me feel very good to see that my skin looks fairer; the elasticity has improved and the pigment has lightened after just 8 sessions.
Louis, 46, Housewife  
I think the Youth Rejuvenation System has helped to reduce the pores size, improve elasticity, lighten pigmentation and made my skin looked fairer. It has slow down the aging process and made me look younger.
Nancy, 45, Computer Engineer  
It has lightened the scars on my skin. It has also reduced wrinkles and pores size. My skin looks fairer.
Mary, 38, Trading Company Owner  
My skin feels smoother, firmer, the pigment has lightened and I feel five years younger. This is my second year taking the Youth Rejuvenation System skincare. I am able to maintain my youthful look through consistent skincare regime.  
Jing, 36, Computer Engineer  
After the facial, my skin feels rejuvenated. I will definitely continue to come here for my skincare routine. The service quality is excellent and the assistant is skillful.
XiaoRong, 40, Mortgage Agent  
Youth Rejuvenation System has successfully reduced the look of wrinkles and pores size on my face. My skin feels firmer too.
Ning, 55, Computer Engineer  
Youth Rejuvenation System makes me feel five to ten years younger: the result is a fairer and firmer skin.
Luann, 45, Computer Engineer  
The overall result is very good. My skin looks fairer; the wrinkles, pigment and pores size become less visible.

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